The following topics have therefore been chosen as the main themes for the conference:

  • The maturity model approach to implementation of digital health solutions
  • Digital Health Learning Systems
  • Quality and use of health data and systems
  • Big Data Analytics in health care
  • Health Information Systems Interoperability
  • Continuous Quality Improvement of health data and systems
  • Development of competent human capacity for digital health
  • Sustainable ICT-solutions for health service delivery
  • Artificial Intelligence and frontier technologies in digital health

But many other subjects can also be addressed in this conference, such as:

  • Health facility management information systems
  • Personal Health Records information systems
  • Internet of Things and Wearables
  • Point of care information management solutions
  • Health informatics standards
  • Health financing information management
  • Health systems monitoring and evaluation
  • Decision support systems (for low resource settings)
  • Biomedical devices integration
  • Medical imaging and radiology information systems
  • Laboratory information systems
  • Pharmacy management information systems
  • Block Chain technology in health
  • Geographical Information Systems